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Spartan Progress started with one man who was tired of being underweight. At 6’2 and 160lbs, he couldn’t go outside on a windy day. After a lot of research, hard work, and proper nutrition he managed to put on over 40lbsof lean muscle in a little over a year. His results lead to him helping friends and family around him get in the best shape of their lives. Seeing their results and the impact it had on their lives motivated him to learn more and become a certified personal trainer and NPC physique competitor. The goal is simple to motivate and teach others how to take their bodies to the next level. 

About Us

Coach Fe is not an ex-athlete and does not come from "good genes". She battled the highs and lows of weight gain from her teenage years and all throughpout her 20's with extreme diets and occasional cardio. At the age of 30 she made a lifestyle change and dedicated herself to obtainable goals and kept surpassing them. She created her own meal plans and workouts with the help of Spartan Progress. They were very practical an could be done while working a full time job. Coach Fe has started studying to become a personal trainer and joined the Spartan Progress team by contributing her online programs. Her next step will be getting certified in personal training and taking on clients along side Coach Joz.

 "I used to make excuses but had to stop because my health and self confidence is worth more than an excuse!"-Coach Fe 

Coach Fe
Coach Joz
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