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No matter your fitness level, your goals, or your physical location, Spartan Progress has something for you.


“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”-Lao Tzu



Individual Session for up to 3 people. Training includes customized programs catered to the clients need, customized meal plan, helpful weekly tips to keep you motivated and consistent and 24 hour Question & Answer services.


1-2 sessions per week = $40 a session


3 sessions per week = $35 a session


4 or more sessions per week = $30 a session


First 3 sessions must be paid upfront.


10 sessions for $25 each <$250>
5 sessions for $30 each <$150>

             Customized Online Program
Jozmen and Coach Fe design a complete fitness plan catered to your needs. Whether you want to burn fat, build muscle, boost strength, or completely reshape your body, we have a complete plan for you. The Program includes meal plans, supplements advice, online videos describing each exercise in details, an accountability check-ins, 24 hour Question & Answer services and helpful weekly tips to keep you motivated and consistent.  


$100- 4 Week Spartan Program


$150- 8 Week Spartan Program 


$200- 12 Week Spartan Program 



The Spartan Progress 29 day challenges are an affordable way to get amazing fat burning results quick and jumpstart clients into a fitness lifestyle. The home workouts and general meal plans are made so that anyone at any fitness level can be able to participate. Challenges allow clients to become their own coaches with occasional check-in from Coach Joz and Coach Fe.

$40 - Spartan Progress 29 Day Challenge


The Spartan Progress 8 day detox is the perfect start to a lifestyle change with the added benefit of weight loss. The detox includes an 8 day detailed menu based on dietary preferences and mild daily home workouts. Both Coach Joz and Coach Fe have designed and utilized this detox in their personal fitness programs with huge success. 

$25 -Spartan Progress 8 day detox

No Refunds

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